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Automobile Accidents and Other Types of Casualties

This LegalCapsule,™  prepared by the Auerbach Law Firm, is a plain-English explanation of personal injury accidents. In an effort to be brief, many points may be oversimplified. Readers are therefore cautioned to check with our offices or another lawyer as to the particulars of their case; this generalized information should not be construed to be formal legal advice.

An accident can be a traumatic event physically, emotionally, and financially. Injuries caused by an automobile collision, slip and fall accident or from a dangerous product often result in medical bills, lost income, rental car expense and other related bills. The law states that persons who suffer injuries due to the carelessness of others may be entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately, accident victims often fail to investigate various rights and benefits to which they are entitled. This is under­standable, since the emotional stress and physical pain caused by the accident tend to prevent a calm, organized pursuit of legal rights. An injured person should contact an attorney to determine his or her legal rights regarding the particular circumstances as soon as possible after an accident occurs.

You can assist your attorney in obtaining a fair settlement or verdict for the pain, damages, and expenses incurred by following these guidelines:

  • Do Not Give Statements

You should not give statements, either orally or in writing to any representative of the party who caused your injury. Often there is confusion at such a time, and statements made under these circumstances may be misconstrued. Statements can be handled by an attorney, experienced in such matters.

  • Determine the Cause

With an injury due to a slip and fall, it is vitally important to determine the cause of the accident and the nature of the slippery substance. For example, a slip in a supermarket may be due to spilled food or salad oil; a fall in a retail store may have been caused by floor wax; a slip in a parking lot may be due to snow and ice that has not been removed or treated in a timely manner. Additionally, attempt to learn whether any of the property owner's employees either witnessed the fall or were aware of the danger.

  • Obtain Information

In a traffic accident, obtain the names and addresses of all parties to the accident, any witnesses, the insurance companies for the other parties, and the name of the investigating police officer.

  • Keep Records

    • Statements

Make a note of any statements made by any witnesses or parties at the time of the accident, if possible, or as soon as possible afterward.

    • Diaries

Keep a diary of the physical difficulties which the injury is causing. A day-to-day entry is very useful in the future when trying to recall the problems which your injury caused. Specifics can demonstrate the injury effectively such as "could not drive to the store today due to the pain in my lower back" or "had to leave work at 1:30 p.m. due to my headaches, and missed a staff meeting."

    • Logs

Keep a log of all expenses incurred as a result of the accident. Keep a log of all lost income. This should include the specific dates missed from work, even if you were paid through sick leave or annual leave.

    • Photographs

Take photographs of physical injuries such as scars or bruises. In addition, take photographs of damage to any property such as a vehicle involved in the accident. Take photographs of the scene of the accident.


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